API Endpoint

The Popyoular web service endpoint is

http://api.popyoular.se ## Content Type

This API uses HAL+JSON for all responses. HAL+JSON is just plain old JSON with a convention for expressing hyperlinks. It is encouraged to explicitly request this using the following Accept header:

Accept: application/hal+json

This avoids future problems in the event of another Content-type being introduced in the API.


Authentication is done using API keys. There are two keys associated with each account. One is for read-only access and should be used when calling the API from a web page. The other one should be used only on the server side and with the SSL/TLS endpoint.

The API-key should be supplied as a HTTP-header:

Accept: application/hal+json
X-API-Key: $your_api_key

To simplify exploring the API in a browser the API-key can also be supplied as a query parameter:


The header authentication method is encouraged for everything else.

Dates and Timestamps

All dates and timestamps returned by the API are formatted according to ISO 8601 and in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)