Popyoular is a platform for metadata enrichment and content discovery based on trusted, editorial reviews and awards data. Popyoular currently supports films, TV-series, music (albums) and books. The API documentation you are reading deals with films.

Using the Popyoular API, you can enrich the presentation of individual films in your service. It doesn’t matter if you do so within a T-VOD film rental service on a set-top box, as part of an EPG on a companion device, or on a website. Using the Popyoular API, you can also build discovery methods that help users find great content quickly, using data from familiar, trusted authorities.

Please take the time to read this documentation in order to familiarize yourself with how the Popyoular API works. Pay special attention to the methods used to match and map content catalogs. These simple but powerful methods provide the foundation for getting the most of Popyoular.